Josh Davis

Josh Davis enjoys teaching advanced players as well as taking pride in helping amateur students become the best golfers they can be.  He has studied all different golf swings and body types to ensure each student gets the appropriate instruction to help maximize their full potential.

Josh also teaches some of the top junior golfers in the country. He is always happy to help kids learn the basics and will provide the specific skills for a great game.
  • 30 Minute Lesson - $55
  • 60 Minute Lesson - $100
  • SPECIAL - Five  30 Minute Lessons - $225
  • 1 Hour Group Lesson (5 person maximum) - $20  per person


Brian Symonds

Brian Symonds has been a PGA member for 25 Years and has been teaching on the PGA Tour since 1984.  His players have made a combined 13 million dollars in prize money.  He played the Ben Hogan PGA Tour.  He traveled and played Tournament golf extensively around the world for 10 years.  He was awarded the 2015 Teacher of the Year for the PGA Southeast Chapter of South Florida. 

In the past 5 years he has specialized in developing the Best Junior Golfers in the World.  He currently coaches the #1 - eight-year-old and also the #1 eleven-year-old players in the world.
  • 30 Minute Lesson - Please Call For Availablitiy
  • 60 Minute Lesson - Please Call For Availablitiy