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The award winning discount golf shop at Winston Trails Golf Club has all of the latest golf equipment, golf shoes and apparel available from major manufacturers such as, Bobby Jones, Callaway, FootJoy, Nicklaus, Nike, Tiger Woods, Titleist and Under Armour.  Also available are custom Brian Symonds Golf Design clubs.  We also have a club repair center and can make custom clubs.

The golf shop at Winston Trails Golf Club won the prestigious Merchandiser of the Year Award from the South Florida PGA in 2009, 2010 and 2012.


*Exclusive to WTGC ProShop

A sand shot can be the most intimidating shot for the amateur golfer. It can be so nerve-racking that the average player has no hope of getting out and can ruin their round of golf in a heartbeat.  With the Sand Weapon and its patented Turf Surfer Sole “YOU WILL NEVER FEAR THE SAND AGAIN.”   You will explode shots out of the sand with ease almost every time and feel just like a Pro does.  With its oversize 60-degree loft head (actually more than twice the size of an ordinary wedge), Turf Surfer Sole that slides through the sand and massive sweet spot, you will get out of any bunker time and time again.

The Sand Weapon will also become your best friend around the greens with its capability of hitting soft shots out of thick rough or extremely tight lies. It will be the club that really saves you strokes and gets you to hit sand shots you only dreamed of!



If you want to be a great chipper then you must havev the Weapon in your bag. This is the perfect club to hit bump and run shots, chip shots and 30 to 50 yard fairway bunker shots. It can be hit off any lie imaginable and produce results you can’t get with any other club. The combination of upright lie, heavier head, 36 degree loft and patented Turf Surfer Sole produce controlled shots that roll softly to the pin. The Weapon, with its alignment lines and appealing shape make aiming the club face simple.

This is truly a game changing club that you better have because you’re going to be playing against one for sure.